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Can Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Have Coffee

2013-01-24 09:41

Can Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Have Coffee  Coffee contains caffeine which has many benefits to us. It can stimulate the brain cortex, eliminate drowsiness, strengthen senses of touch and contemplative faculties, regulate heart functions, dilate blood vessels and diuretic effect.

Proper amount of caffeine is good for the health, however some people should not have coffee including heart diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease that should limit potassium intake.

The main component of coffee is caffeine and most coffee contains 3% to 4% caffeine besides fat, protein and vitamins. These caffeine will experience metabolism in the liver and kidneys which is not good for the recovery of renal functions for those that have kidney diseases. It has been found by research that too much coffee can cause declines of renal detoxification function.

Kidney failure patients usually have high blood pressure and cerebrovascular complications. High blood pressure is not good for the prognosis of kidney failure and will speed up glomerular sclerosis and renal fibrosis and cerebrovascular complications are the major cause of death in renal failure. In such cases, they should not drink coffee which can cause their heat beat to be faster, blood pressure higher and is not good for controlling their illness conditions.

Kidney failure often have high serum potassium due to metabolic disorders and they should limit daily potassium intake while coffee is high in potassium content. Besides, coffee is rich in oxalate and this is not good for preventing formation of kidney stones.

What is more, coffee is not good for controlling blood sugar level. Coffee can lower the secretion of insulin, increase insulin excretion and reduce glucose tolerance and increase blood sugar level.

It will cause more greater harms to the body if you drink coffee together with alcohol. Alcohol can affect the functions of stomach, intestine, heart, liver and brain and cause metabolic disorder. The brain will be in a highly inhibitory state. While coffee will on the other hand activate the brain. The opposite effects of coffee and alcohol will disturb the functions of the brain.

In a word, it is better that kidney failure patients should not drink coffee. And for healthy people, too much coffee is not good, neither. Excessive intake of coffee can cause rapid increase of cortisol and adrenalin and disturb our sleep.

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