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Can Renal Failure Patients Eat Collard Greens

2013-12-16 19:15

Collard Greens, renal failureRenal Failure patients are usually recommended to keep a healthy and reasonable diet, which helps to avoid worsening some certain symptoms. Then can renal failure patients eat collard greens? Follow us to find the answer.

Collard greens are high in vitamin C and soluble fibers, widely considered to be healthy foods and are renowned for their medicinal properties and beneficial effects against a number of immune related defects. There are many healthy benefits of eating collard greens, it does not mean patients with renal failure are suggested to eat collard greens.

Individuals with pre-existing or untreated kidney including renal failure and gall bladder problems should avoid the consumption of collard greens, as they contains measurable amount of oxalates. These oxalates, when too concentrated in body fluids, can crystallize and cause healthy problems. So patients with renal failure are not suggested to eat collard greens. By the way, people without kidney problems should eat collard greens in moderate quantity, despite the health benefits they bring. Too much may cause harm to the body, such as swelling of thyroid glands.

In addition to collard greens, if you are not sure whether you can eat other certain foods or not or you need more diet suggestions about renal failure, you are welcomed to leave us a message below or email to to tell us, our experts will surely send you back within 48 hours.

Also we would like to say here that only some diet suggestions are not enough to treat renal failure from the root. The most important things for patients with renal failure are to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. If you are interested in other natural treatment options for renal failure, you can also contact us, and we are glad to help.

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