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Are Blueberries Good for Advanced Renal Failure

2013-12-19 22:45

Are Blueberries Good for Advanced Renal Failure, blueberries, advanced renal failureKidney disease patients should pay more attention to their diet. If you are a fan of the little burst of flavor provided by blueberries, you may ask are blueberries good for advanced renal failure. If you are interested in this issue, follow us to find the answer.

The good news is that blueberries are good for your kidneys, even if you have advanced renal failure. Blueberries are one of the few fruits that you can eat freely. Though blueberries may be relatively low in nutrients, they are very high in anti-oxidants, with 6,520 mcg of anti-oxidant compounds in a 100-g serving. By way of comparison, cooked broccoli has only 1,552 mcg in a 100-g serving. Anti-oxidant-rich foods don’t harm your kidneys. Rather, they help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.

Patients with advanced renal failure often have to avoid high-phosphorus foods. With only 26mg of phosphorus, a serving of 25 berries fits tidily within the 800 to 1,000mg limit recommended by the kidney foundation. Being able to eat healthy foods like blueberries is a relief for kidney patients, because they often have to follow very restrictive diets. The diseased kidneys are unable to keep potassium levels between 3.5 and 5.0mEq/L, those with advanced renal failure often have to watch their potassium intake. The national kidney foundation classifies foods with more than 200mg of potassium as high-potassium foods, while a 25-berry serving has only 26mg of potassium. According to kidney foundation guidelines, blueberries are a low-potassium food.

From the information mentioned above, we can know blueberries are good for advanced renal failure. If you need more information about diet or natural treatment options for your condition, you can leave us a message below or email to, our experts will surely send you back within 48 hours.

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