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Are Carrots Ok to Eat For Kidney Failure Patients

2014-01-29 17:21

Are Carrots Ok to Eat For Kidney Failure PatientsThe carrot is a kind of common vegetable in our daily life. Do you like to eat carrots? You know, they are rich in carotene B which is the main source of vitamin A in human body. And carrots contain potassium human body needs. Potassium can adjust osmotic pressure and acid-base balance in fluid. But for kidney failure patients, can they eat carrots? Now, let’s learn something about carrots and proper dietary for patients with Chronic Kidney Failure.

Carrots have many benefits to our body. In the first place, they can enhance immunity and body's disease-resistant ability. Carrots can meet the needs of the human body of vitamin A, which can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer. In the second place, carrots can keep healthy and slim. They can promote the metabolism of fat to prevent the accumulation of excess fat in our body. Finally, carrots can lower blood sugar and blood lipid. So they are the best vegetable for the patients with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease. Now that carrots have so many benefits for body, does it mean carrots are ok to eat for kidney failure patients?

When kidney failure appears, kidney can’t be able to remove the excess water and potassium effectively. If potassium value is too high, it will cause sever cardiac conduction and abnormal contraction and even death. So for kidney failure patients with high potassium level, carrots may not be good for their health. They should choose less vegetables and fruits containing high potassium, such as mushrooms, amaranth, broccoli, spinach, water spinach, bamboo shoots, tomato, pumpkin, mustard, sweet pomegranate, loquat, peach, persimmon, orange, tangerine, etc. And patients should avoid eating raw vegetables and limit the intake of salt.

Though healthy diet can relieve some symptoms and slow down the progression of condition to a certain degree, it is unable to treat kidney failure from the root. Well, if you would like to know more about other natural treatment options used in the clinic, you are welcomed to leave us a message below, we are glad to offer what you want to help improve the quality of life.

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