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Why Renal Failure Patients Should Avoid High Phosphorus Foods

2014-02-14 19:50

Generally, renal failure patients are recommended to avoid high phosphorus foods. Then, why?

Like other minerals, phosphorus means a lot to human health. For one thing, it can help maintain bone health. For another thing, it is needed for the usage of energy and normal operation of kidneys.

Why renal failure patients should avoid high phosphorus foods?

Healthy kidneys can help remove extra phosphorus from the body. However, in renal failure, the injured kidneys can not work adequately. Gradually, the elevated phosphorus level causes calcium to be taken from the bones, making bone pain and bone fracture more likely to occur. Besides, other discomforts like itchy skin, cardiovascular disorder may also appear.

How to control the intake of phosphorus?

One of the important source of phosphorus is the daily diet. And it can be found in nuts, beans, milk, high protein foods and so on. And the followings are foods that should be avoided.

Dairy Products: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream; fish, beef, mutton, seafood; animal offal and so on.

Nuts and Beans: soy bean, lentil, sunflower seed, walnut, pumpkin seed, peanut, etc.

Beverages: beer, cholate drinks, soy milk, cocoa, dark colas, ale and so on.

Others: egg york, bean curd, coconut, etc.

Tips to avoid high phosphorus diet:

●Limit the amount or avoid foods that rich in phosphorus.

●When taking phosphate binders, it is necessary to discuss with doctors or dietitian about the potential side effects.

●Follow the instructions strictly and be careful when selecting foods, as they may also loaded in potassium.

Except for avoiding high phosphorus foods, kidney failure patients also need to pay attention to the intake of salt, protein, fat, potassium and so on. For more information, please describe us your condition and email to, the experienced experts here will reply you within in 24 hours.

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