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Five Diet Tips for Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-02-28 18:56

Five Diet Tips for Patients with Chronic Kidney FailureDiet is an important treatment for patients with kidney disease. Two aspects should be taken into account when arrange the diet for kidney disease patients, that are the nutritions that people need and the toxins that the foods will produce. In terms of these two aspects, we offer five diet tips for patients with Chronic Kidney Failure.

Tip one. Low potassium.

The remaining kidney function in chronic kidney failure is no more than 15%. As a consequence, kidneys are no longer able to filter the extra potassium, while high potassium level lead to severe result, such as heart failure or even sudden death. So patients should avoid high potassium food in daily life as far as possible. The high potassium foods are as follow:

Potato, pakchoi, cauliflower, spinach, celery, banana, pineapple, mango, red date, etc.

Tip two. Low sodium .

We all know that high sodium will do a lot of harm to our body, especially for those with kidney disease. It will lead to high blood pressure, swelling, ascites, pulmonary swelling, and even heart failure. The following foods are loaded with sodium: salt, soy, all kinds of sauce, soda crackers, etc. So you are suggested to eat less of these foods.

Tip three: low phosphorus.

In chronic kidney failure, kidneys are not able to work normally to discharge extra phosphorus, so extra phosphorus will build up in blood, causing itching skin and bone disease. So patients with kidney failure should choose low phosphorus foods. You are not suggested to take more the following foods because they are rich in potassium: bean products, sea foods, sausage, ham and kelp, etc.

Tip four: low fat.

Patients with chronic kidney failure are not suggested to eat animal oil, which will lead to hyperlipidemia easily. The dietitian suggests that patients should take vegetable oil instead of animal oil to prevent further damage. The best choice for patients is the corn oil, which contains more unsaturated fatty acid.

Tip five. Low protein.

Protein can not only provide necessary nutritions to our body, it can also produce the waste product, such as urea nitrogen, the high level of which in blood will cause more damage to kidneys. So you should limit protein intake. The daily protein intake should be limited to 0.6g per kilogram of every body weight. In addition, high quality protein foods(eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, chicken, etc) are your best choices.

The five diet tips for patients with chronic kidney failure are should be kept in mind. Of course, you should make some changes according to your own condition. If you want to know the diet plan for yourself, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will give you a reply as soon as possible! Best wishes!

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