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Low Protein Diet Help Kidney Failure

2014-03-20 01:12

Low Protein Diet Help Kidney FailureWhy patients with kidney failure are asked to eat a low protein diet? Are all patients with kidney failure required to consume low-protein diet? Go on reading and find the answers.

Why should kidney failure patients eat low protein diet?

As we all know, protein will provide us important nutritions that our body need. It is the source of our life. But it does not mean more protein we take, the healthier we are. For those who have kidney disease, especially kidney failure, low protein will be good.

The protein in foods will be absorbed by our body partly and some of the protein will be decomposed into nitrogen waste, such as urea nitrogen, which is supposed to be discharged by kidneys. But for kidney failure patients, this ability is greatly reduced, so the waste will accumulate in blood, causing a lot of symptoms, such as itchy skin, ammonia taste in mouth and so on. If you take more high-protein food, the waste will be increased and kidneys cannot stand the high level of waste. So the residual kidney function will be further damaged.

A lot of researches have proved that low protein diet has a protective effect on kidney function. It can help relive symptoms and delay the progression of kidney disease.

Is low protein diet suitable for all patients with kidney failure?

Not all patients with kidney failure are required to eat a low protein diet. For dialysis patients, low protein diet is not suggested. They should add some protein according to the specific condition. At the same time, to prevent malnutrition, some carbohydrate should be replenished to make enough energy. You are suggested to talk to your doctor about how much protein you should eat everyday.

Low protein diet can control the condition of kidney failure. But do make some changes according to your specific illness condition. If you want to know more about the diet, you can send me an email to for consultation.

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