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Should I Be A Vegetarian with Kidney Failure

2014-03-25 01:07

Should I be A Vegetarian with Kidney Failure  What kind of diet should I follow with kidney failure? Should I be a vegetarian? Is that good for me?

Many patients are told to eat a healthy diet when they have kidney disease. A healthy diet is thought to have a protective effect on kidneys. Low-protein diet is the initial thing to be asked. But does that mean one should be a vegetarian? Absolutely, it does not.

Low-protein diet is the important method to treat chronic kidney dysfunction and it plays a great role in delaying the progression of disease. The protein comes from the vegan diet is mainly vegetable protein, most of which will be decomposed into non-essential amino acid. The non-essential amino acid will be converted into energy directly, thus increasing the deposition of the urea waste in blood. If you eat more vegetable protein, more urea waste will build up in the body, posing heavy burden to kidneys.

However, most of the protein you consume should be high-quality protein, which contains more essential amino acid that our body need. Lack of essential amino acid will reduce the synthesis of muscle protein. So the muscle will be reduced, causing muscle weakness. What’s more, malnutrition will occur if you follow a vegan diet.

Therefore, you are suggested to eat high-quality protein, such as fish, eggs, lean meat, milk, etc. The dietitian suggests that 0.6g protein of everybody weight everyday can not increase the burden to kidneys, but ensure the nutritions our body need.

A healthy diet plays a supporting role in dealing with kidney disease, and the basic method to treat kidney disease is to improve kidney function. Here Hot Compress Therapy is suggested. Along with the proper diet, this natural therapy will take a better effects. If you are interested in this therapy, or you want a specific food list, you can send me an email to for consultation. I will try my best to help you! Best wishes!

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