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Diabetes with Kidney Failure: Is Apple Good to Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-06-16 09:39

Long-term Diabetes can damage kidney and cause kidney failure. Once the kidney is damaged, its function will decrease, and some metabolic products and toxins will build up in body and blood. So, the patients with diabetes and kidney failure usually have a symptom of high creatinine level. But, creatinine level is an important factor of judging from renal function. And the higher of the creatinine level, the worse of the renal function. So, it is necessary for the patients to lower high creatinine level. For the patients with diabetes and kidney failure, is apple good to lower high creatinine level?

As a proverb says, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apple is the commonest fruit, and honored as the king of fruits in the world. It is rich in nutrients and usually regarded as a good diet therapy and adjuvant therapy. Thus, the patients with diabetes and kidney failure are eager to know whether apple is good to lower high creatinine level. Next, let us give you the answer.

1. Colloid and microelement chromium in apple have the function of keeping blood sugar levels sable, so apple is a healthy snack for the patients with diabetes.

2. People is high in fiber and anti-inflammatory compounds, it also can lower cholesterol levels. Besides, it also can enhance the patients’ immunity to prevent colds.

3. Eating apples also can help people ease the bad mood and bring back the spirit for people to work.

4. There are many nutrients that can help the patients prevent the cancer and stroke. In view of this, apple is good for the patients that are at a high risk of stroke and cancer.

In addition, apple also has the function of loosing weight, protecting heart, nourishing blood and promoting blood blow, preventing constipation and so on. In a world, apple is a good choice for the patients with diabetes and kidney failure to lower high creatinine level. But everything should have a limit. For the special physical condition, eating an apple is best for the patients. Any questions, you are welcome to send an email to, best wishes!

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