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Recipes for Low Protein Diet in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-06-24 11:12

For the patients in stage 4 kidney failure, they often are recommended to eat a low protein diet, which can induce the stress of their kidneys. But, how to eat a low protein diet is difficult for them, thus, our hospital concludes the recipes for low protein diet in stage 4 kidney failure, please see the following, if you have any other questions, you can send an email to

Protein is one of the basic substances of maintaining our normal activities. But for the patients with stage 4 kidney failure, their renal function decreases to 15%-29%, which can not work normally and just can filter out little protein. If they take too much protein, it can aggravate their illness condition and lead to glomerular sclerosis and atrophy. Thus, they need to limit the protein intake. But in order to avoid malnutrition, the patients need to take some high quality protein to supply the patients’ need. The recommended foods have fish, white egg, milk and lean meat.

But, how much protein you should take? It depends on your individual condition, including your weight, gender, age, creatinine levels, BUN levels and your GFR levels. Generally speaking, the patients in stage 4 kidney failure are suggested to take 0.4-0.6g/kg protein a day without dialysis. For example, if your weight is 60kg, the protein intake is 60×0.4=24g, 60×0.6=36g, so you can take protein between 24g and 36g. But if you are a patient on dialysis, the proper amount of protein is 0.6-0.8/kg. So, you should take more than 36g during dialysis. However, one important thing to note is not more than 45g per day for all the patients in stage 4 kidney failure.

At last, a little note, you should keep enough calories intake, that is to say, you can eat more staple food, such as rice, pasta. Now, you should have a knowledge of the recipes for low protein diet in stage 4 kidney failure have, you can take proper protein under our instruction. In addition, stage 4 kidney failure is a key stage, you need to receive the timely treatment to avoid uremia. If you want to know about the treatments except Dialysis, you are welcome to consult out online doctors.

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