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Can the Patients with Kidney Failure Eat Papaya

2014-06-30 16:57

Can the patients with kidney failure eat papaya? Many people ask this question. Due to the disease, many foods should be avoided, so the patients have to pay attention to their diet. Next, we will analyze the nutrition compositions of papaya, let us see whether the kidney failure patients can eat papaya or not.

What benefits does papaya have to people?

1. Improve immunity

Papaya is proved to have the function of improving our immunity. Because it contains much water, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and rich useful mineral elements, which can supply our needs and enhance our immunity.

2. Keep digestive health

Papaya can help us digest, because papain can promote breaking down proteins and clean the digestive tract.

3. Prevent infections

Papaya can kill intestinal worms effectively, thus, eating it can avoid infections.

4. Lose weight

Papaya is a natural food that can help us loose weight. At noon or night, eating a bowl full of papaya after meal is good for us.

5. Skin care

Papaya protease can kill dead cells and purify the skin, and the most of important is that it can treat sunburn and irritated skin. So many women make mask by themselves taking papaya as row material.

6. Anti-inflammatory effects

Papaya is rich in papain and chymopapain, which can reduce the inflammation in different part of the body.

Can the patients with kidney failure eat papaya?

Though papaya has many benefits for people, it does not mean that the patients with kidney failure can eat papaya,because papaya also contains much protease and phosphorus, which can increase the burden of kidneys and may lead to high phosphorus in blood. If your disease is mild, and has no symptoms, you can eat papaya properly.

In conclusion, whether the patients with kidney failure can eat papaya is depends on the patients’ individual condition. If you are lover of papaya, before eating it, you need to consult your doctor, if allowed, you can eat them properly. Last, the proper treatment is key to live a normal life for you, if you want to know the treatments except dialysis and kidney transplant, you can send email to, and we will reply you within 48 hours.

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