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How to Adjust the Diet for the Patients with Edema

2014-08-05 18:15

Kidney disease is not limited in kidney damage, it also can damage other organs. As the kidney disease aggravates, serious symptoms and complications will occur, among them, edema is a common symptom. Except treatment, diet also plays an important role in remitting edema and slowing down the progression of kidney failure. Then, how to adjust the diet for the patients with edema?

First, limit the salt and water intake

For the patients with serious edema, they need to limit the salt and water intake, because too much salt and water can increase the kidney work and cause further kidney damage.

Second, reduce the protein intake

Protein also is a common symptom of kidney disease patients, and loss of protein also can contribute to edema. Thus, the patients should reduce the protein intake to reduce the kidney burden. But protein is a necessary substance to maintain our normal activities, in order to make up the loss of protein, the patients had better eat some foods rich in high quality protein. And the recommended foods have lean meat, fish, milk and white egg.

Third, eat more fruits and vegetables

For the patients, that they eat fruits and vegetables properly can supply their needs, especially vitamins. Enough vitamins can help the patients enhance their immunity, prevent cold and infection, what is more, it can help the patients prevent further kidney damage.

Four, keep light diet

According to their condition, they had better keep a light diet and avoid stimulating foods, such as seafood, beef, mutton and spicy foods, which can help to protect the left kidney and prevent kidney failure.

Five, avoid high potassium foods

For the patients with hyperkalemia, they had better avoid high potassium foods, because it can aggravate disease and. For the patients with hypokalemia, the can eat these foods properly.

How to adjust the diet for the patients with edema? Now, you should have the answer, we hope you can keep the above in mind and put them into practice. If you have serious edema, you are advised to receive timely and effective treatment. Any questions, please send an email to, and we will reply you at first time.

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