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Is Fish Good for the Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-08-27 17:01

Is Fish Good for the Patients with Chronic Kidney FailureIs fish food for the patients with Chronic Kidney Failure? Many patients asked us this question in daily life. As we all know, the patients with chronic kidney failure have strict diet requirement. And many foods should be limited for them, then, can they eat fish? How much should they eat? Next, we will give you a detailed answer, and we hope that you can benefit from the following articles. If you have any doubt,please send them to, and we will response you soon.

A common sense for the patients with kidney disease, they need to reduce the amount of protein intake, because the excessive protein intake can increase the work of kidneys and accelerate the deterioration of renal function. But, protein is a necessary substance to maintain our daily activities, and for the patients with kidney failure, they also need to supplement protein. In order to reduce the work of kidney, the patients had better choose the foods rich in high quality protein. And fish is a good choice for the patients with kidney failure, because it contains much high quality protein and can satisfy the patient’s needs. That is to say, fish is good for the patients with Chronic Kidney Failure.

Though high quality protein is suitable for the patients, it does not mean that they can eat it without limitation, because much high quality protein intake also can increase the burden of kidneys. In general, if you are a patient with kidney failure without dialysis, the proper protein intake should be 0.6-0.8g/kg/d. While, if you are a patient under dialysis, you need to eat more protein to make up the loss due to dialysis.

In conclusion, the patient with chronic kidney failure can eat fish, and they can benefit a lot from fish. As for the amount of fish intake, it depends on your condition. If you are a lover of fish, you are welcome to send us your inspection test, and we can design a proper diet plan for you. Best regards to you.

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