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Diet Therapy for Facial Edema in Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2014-08-28 16:03

Nobody can deny that diet plays a very important role in treating kidney disease. A reasonable and healthy diet can protect the kidneys and improve the renal function. For the patients with facial edema in stage 3 kidney failure, what diet can help them remit edema and protect renal function? Next, please see the diet therapy for facial edema in stage 3 kidney failure, any other questions, please chat with our online doctors or send an email to for free advice.

1. Limit the salt intake strictly

For the patients with facial edema in kidney failure, they need to limit the salt intake strictly. If their edema is severe, the salt intake need to control in 1g every day even without. If their protein in urine reduces and edema gets relief, they can increase the salt intake properly, but the salt intake every day should not more than 5g. Besides, you also need to avoid pickles, laver, rape, spinach, fennel, celery, lily flower and turnip, as they contain much salt. And low salt diet can help reduce the water-sodium retention to remit edema and high blood pressure.

2. Reduce the water intake

Except salt, if your facial edema is serious, you also need to reduce the water intake to avoid the more water detaining in tissues.

3. Keep proper protein intake

As long as you are diagnosed with kidney disease, you need to reduce the protein intake, because the much protein can increase the work of kidney and cause further kidney damage, at this time, edema also can aggravate. So the patients are recommended to eat the foods rich in high quality protein to meet the patient’s needs.

Besides, the patients also need to limit the potassium and fat intake, and eat more foods rich in vitamins. At this time, you also can properly eat some foods that have the function of diuresis detumescence, such as wax gourd, watermelon, apple vinegar, etc. Except diet therapy, you also need to receive treatment, in our hospital, we have Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath therapy, Medicated bath therapy, oral Chinese medicines for kidney disease. If you want to know these therapies, you can leave a message below, and we will reply you soon.

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