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High Quality Protein Is Good for Kidney Failure Patients

2012-12-08 09:49

High Quality Protein Is Good for Kidney Failure PatientsYou may find it is hard to found out how much protein you need to ingest with kidney failure, as too much protein will worsen your kidney condition and too less protein will lead to malnutrition and other physical problem. Actually, in that cases, patients can ingest some high quality protein to replenish the protein lost in their urine.

Protein is the essential nutrition of our physical activity and mental activity. It is normally kept in our blood and meet our physical and mental demand. Glomeruli are in charge of filtering blood during which some protein might be leaked. However, with the help of renal tubule, 99% protein leaked from glomeruli can be reabsorbed to our body. Therefore, no or only little protein can be found in our urine. However, once kidneys are damaged and kidney function is impaired, protein can not be kept in our body successfully. They leak out of glomeruli and get out of our body with urine. This is the reason why people with kidney problem always are found to have protein in urine.

With proteinuria, kidney failure patients can not ingest too much protein, as the more protein they ingest, the higher the kidney burden is. Therefore, limiting protein intake is very helpful for protecting residual kidney function. However, as protein is the essential substance of a normal life, kidney failure patients can not strict protein intake too strictly, as it may cause malnutrition, hypoproteinemia and other problems. Besides, for children, as protein play an irreplaceable role in their physical development and mental development, they especially need to ingest enough protein. Therefore, it is more hard for children with kidney failure to decide how much protein they can ingest every day. However, why high quality protein is more suitable for kidney failure patients?

Too much protein intake increases kidney burden because wastes are produced during protein metabolism. Therefore, kidney failure patients can ingest some high quality protein to replenish the protein they lost in their urine. High quality protein is rich in essential amino acid which can not be synthetize in our body and they produce less wastes while being decomposed in our body. Therefore, ingesting high quality protein not only helps to avoid serious increase of kidney burden, but also helps to meet the demand of our body. Generally speaking, 60% protein ingested by kidney failure patients should be high quality protein.

In our daily life, high quality protein can be found in lean meat, chicken, egg white, milk and beef. Therefore, it is beneficial for kidney failure patients to take these foods as the source of protein intake.

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