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Should People with A Kidney Infection Eat Bananas

2014-09-20 16:29

kidney infection and bananasMany CKD patients are warned that they had better not eat bananas, because bananas contain much potassium and sodium salt, which can increase the burden of kidneys. As to kidney infection, the patients also should not eat bananas. Why? Please see the following.

Kidney infection also means the kidney is damaged, and the kidney fails to work to maintain our health. And the patients also can suffer from a series of discomforts. Besides, pyelonephritis is a serious kidney infection and also can pollute the blood. And the symptoms of pyelonephritis have back pain or flank pain, fever or chills, nausea and vomiting, feeling sick and confusion. Thus, protecting the kidney and inhibiting the inflammatory response is so necessary. If the patients eat bananas at this stage, which can aggravate the disease.

Except bananas, you also need to limit many foods, such as rich in potassium, rich in phosphorus, rich in sodium. Besides, you also need to limit the purine intake, because it can lead to much uric acid. And you also need to avoid smoking and drinking. Except these limitations, you also need to supply enough vitamins and fiber to maintain your daily activities.

In addition, once diagnosed with kidney infection, you need to receive proper treatment in time, and proper treatment is possible to reverse your condition. In China, there are many effective natural treatments for kidney disease. For kidney infection, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice for you. All medicines of this therapy are from natural herbs, and are processed before using. These processed medicines have better activity to getting into kidney lesions to inhibit the reaction of inflammation. Besides, it also can protect the renal function and improve GFR.

In conclusion, if you are suffer from kidney infection, you had better not eat bananas, because it is bad for your health due to the damaged kidney. If you want to know our natural treatments, you can send an email to, and it is our pleasure to help you.

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