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Eating Plan For Heart Failure And Kidney Failure

2013-03-08 10:58

natural dietsKidney is one important part of the body’s circulatory system. In the whole circulation, cardiovascular function has much to do with kidney functions. Kidney diseases and kidney failure often will damage heart functions and cause heart failure which will in turn worsen renal damages.

Proper diets can help control high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis so as to help lower the risk of heart damages and kidney damages. The following is a eating plan for kidney failure patients with heart failure.

Low-salt and proper control of water intake

Congestive heart failure is often due to water and sodium retention. The damaged kidneys can not remove excessive water from the body, therefore it is necessary to control water intake especially if patients have obvious swelling.

Balance potassium intake

Potassium disorder is the most common electrolyte imbalances in congestive heart failure patients. Patients can have low blood potassium or high blood potassium, therefore it is important to have close monitoring of blood potassium level and adjust the diets accordingly. Though diets can not reverse the conditions, it can help consolidate the curative effects and relieve symptoms. Besides potassium, other electrolytes should also be maintained balance in the body such as phosphorus, calcium, etc.

Limit protein intake

If kidney failure patients develop heart failure, protein should be limited. Low-protein diets can reduce burdens to the kidneys and heart. Daily protein intake should be limited within 0.8g per kilogram body weight.

Since the amount of protein is limited, the proteins that are consumed by the patients should be high-quality to ensure the nutritions. High-quality proteins such as lean meat, milk and fresh water fish contain rich essential amino acids, they are good choice for patients with heart failure and kidney failure.

Supplement of vitamins

Kidney and heart failure patients should have more vitamins such as fresh vegetables and fruits. And if necessary, some supplement of vitamin B and vitamin C can be have. Lack of folic acid can cause heart enlargement and worsen heart failure.

Besides, patients must give up some bad life habits and develop healthy lifestyle- avoiding alcohol, tobacco and do not drink strong tea or coffee. Have regular exercises and good sleep.

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