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Nutrition in Kidney Failure Patients

2013-03-09 13:51

nutrition in kidney failure patientsA scientific diet means a lot for kidney failure patients as a well-planed diet not only help to avoid some unnecessary troubles, but also help to supply with various nutritions which are the necessary substances for patients to have a good recovery. However, for kidney failure patients, because of decreased kidney function, they may have different dietary principles from others. Under such a condition, knowing about the nutrition in kidney failure is very necessary.

1. Vitamin: Vitamin is an organic compound which we usually get by foods. It plays an important role for us to work normally. There are different kinds of vitamin like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and so on and each of them paly different roles in our body. Without adequate vitamin, we will suffer from various health tissues. For instance, without enough vitamin A, we will be at high risk to develop nyctalopia. For kidney failure patients, because of serious diet restricts, they may fail to ingest enough vitamin, which is not good favorable for kidney failure patients to have a good recovery. Therefore, keeping an eye on vitamin intake is very necessary.

2. Adequate protein: kidney failure describes the illness condition in which kidneys fail to keeping protein in the body. Protein is the basic substance of our body and we can say no protein, no life. So ingesting adequate protein is very necessary for kidney failure patients. However, as high protein intake will increase kidney burden, which will deteriorate kidney condition, kidney failure patients are usually suggested to limit protein. Therefore, many patients do not know how much protein they should ingest every day. Generally speaking, kidney failure patients who have started dialysis need to ingest 1.2grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (g/kg/d) and for these who have not started dialysis, protein intake should be 0.5g/kg/d. Also, to avoid extra renal burden, 60% protein ingested everyday should be high quality protein which can be found in fish, lean meat and egg white and so on.

3. Calcium: our body need calcium to strengthen our bone. Kidney failure elevates phosphorus level and therefore lower calcium level in the blood. With low calcium level, we suffer from bone problem like bone pain and bone fracture easily. Therefore, paying attention to calcium intake is very necessary. Foods high in calcium include sesame seeds, almond, tofu and herring and so on.

Kidney failure is an uncurable disease which not only affect our physical activity, but also affect our daily diet. To improve kidney failure prognosis and get good recovery, it is necessary to learn nutrition in kidney failure in advance.

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