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Diet Rules for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2015-01-11 11:38

diabetic nephropathy dietDiabetic nephropathy patients and diabetes patients both need pay more attention to their daily diet. And when diabetes patients has suffered complication of kidney disease, especially renal insufficient, patients should focus more attention to protect their kidney function. The daily diet should take decreasing the kidney burden into consideration. Here will list the diet rules for diabetic nephropathy patients.

1. High quality and low quantity protein diet: too much protein intake can heavier the protein urine condition, leading to further kidney damage to kidney, so patients need limit the protein intake. However, the proper high quality protein is necessary for the nutrition of human need, especially for the amino acid in high quality protein. Plant protein belongs to the low quality protein for it contains less amino acid, so patients should decrease the plant protein intake, and for patients with high creatinine level, they should be forbidden with bean and bean products and limit the staple means such as flour and rices. Foods such like milk, egg, fish, lean and so on rich in high quality protein, patients can have proper intake.

2. Enough heats and low fat support: diabetic nephropathy patients need enough heats intake to avoid the the protein metabolism. Fat can support more heats, however, it also can promote the renal failure process, so patients should limit the animal fat intake and foods with high cholesterol. The heats in carbohydrate intake had better account 60% of the totally heats intake.

3. High calcium low phosphorus diet: diabetic nephropathy with renal insufficient often experience the electrolyte disturbance, and the low calcium and high phosphorus is the most common physical problem which also can lead to the renal failure. Generally speaking, foods with high calcium also contain rich phosphorus, so patients need try their best to insist the low phosphorus diet plan, foods such as animal organs, pumpkin seed, peanuts and other dried fruit should be avoided.

In addition, diabetic nephropathy patients should eat the light foods and decrease the salt intake, support the enough vitamin and micro-elements intake, forbid stimulated and spicy foods intake, ban smoking and drinking.

All in all, diabetic nephropathy patients should follow these diet rules strictly to delay the development of the disease and have a timely and effective treatment. If you want to know more information about diabetic nephropathy diet, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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