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Is Coriander Good for Kidney Failure Patients

2013-03-19 09:41

Is Coriander Good for Kidney Failure PatientsCoriander is an annual herb in the family apiaceae that can be used to deal with various discomforts. It is health-beneficial, but it is not good for kidney failure patients because coriander is high in potassium.

Kidney is bean-shaped organ with multiple functions like adjusting blood pressure, secreting necessary hormone, keeping balance of acid-base and electrolyte and so on. Potassium is one of the trace elements used by the body to help maintain the muscles and organs, including the heart. Under normal circumstance, the body regulates this mineral in the bloodstream and keeps potassium level in a normal range by discharging excessive potassium with the kidney. Therefore, kidney plays an important part in adjusting potassium level in the blood.

For kidney failure patients, kidneys fail to filter out excessive potassium, leading to high potassium level in the blood. Coriander is rich in coriander, so for kidney failure patients with high potassium, they should avoid eating coriander or limit the amount of it. Well then, what will happen if kidney failure patients eat lots of coriander frequently?

High potassium level can cause symptoms such as hyperventilation, nausea, and unexplained changes in pulse rate. Also, it is threatening to our heart. For kidney failure patients, with uncontrolled high potassium level, they are at high risk to suffer from heart failure which may become the ultimate cause of patient’s death. Therefore, having a tight control about potassium means a lot for kidney failure patients.

For kidney failure patients, to get potassium level under control, aside from avoiding foods high in potassium like coriander, they also need to improve their kidney function, which can be achieved by repairing injured renal intrinsic cells. As long as kidney function is improved, excessive potassium will be discharged and potassium level in the blood gets controlled.

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