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Ganoderma In Kidney Disease

2013-03-22 16:44

ganoderma kidney diseaseEffective treatments for kidney diseases often should have the following curative effects---lowering high blood pressure and high blood glucose; regulating immune system and enhancing immunity; anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation, etc.

All the above mentioned effects can be achieved if patients have ganoderma. What is more important, ganoderma has no side effects or toxins to the body, it is not only effective but also natural.

Ganoderma is a valuable medicine in China that has thousands of years history to be used to treat diseases. It can help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar level, protect the functions of heart, liver and kidneys, improve sleep quality and prevent irregular heartbeat, etc.

* Ganoderma can treat diabetes which is the leading cause of kidney disease

Ganoderma can promote sugar utilization and inhibit the secretion of fatty acids so as to improve the symptoms and prevent complications including chronic kidney disease.

* Ganoderma can regulate and balance metabolism

Studies have shown that ganoderma can promote the synthesis of nucleic acid and proteins in liver and bone marrow so as to effectively treat diseases and prevent aging. Ganoderma is therefore especially suitable for elderly patients.

* Ganoderma can prevent cardiovascular complications of kidney disease

Often kidney failure is not the main cause of death for the patients. Cardiovascular complications are the major concern. Ganoderma can significantly reduce cholesterol, lipoproteins and triglycerides and prevent atherosclerosis. It can soften the blood vessels, prevent platelet aggregation so as to eliminate blood stasis and promote blood circulation.

* Ganoderma contains a wide range of amino acids and trace elements which are good for treating high blood pressure and high blood lipid.

* Ganoderma can improve kidney functions and enhance immunity

Ganoderma can promote the replication of DNA in damaged renal intrinsic cells so as to help repair and regenerate new renal functioning cells, rebuild renal structure and renal functions.

Ganoderma can enhance immune functions and improve the patient’s disease-resistance ability. However it the patients have received kidney transplant, ganoderma can not be eaten or they are more susceptible to organ rejection if their immunity is enhanced.

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