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Drumstick Is Good For Kidney Failure

2013-03-23 09:49

kidney failure drumstickSome kidney failure patients ask whether they can have drumstick or not since they are often told by their doctors to limit meat and protein intake to help lower high creatinine in their blood, slow down illness progression and protect residual kidney functions.

The answer to this question is that proper amount of drumstick that are cooked with low-salt, low-fat is good for kidney failure patients. Drumstick especially chicken drumstick is white meat which is better than red meats like beef, mutton for kidney failure patients. Compared with chicken breast, chicken drumstick is low-protein. What is more, drumstick is high-quality protein. But the key point is not to have too much or it will increase burdens to the kidneys and aggravate illness conditions.

It is better to have home-made drumstick than those that are bought in restaurant so that you can control what is in your drumstick while you cook it.

It is better not to have fried drumstick which contains a lot of fat. Put less salt and you can use some herbal seasonings to substitute the salt. Plant oil is better than animal oil while cooking drumstick such as corn oil, safflower oil, olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil,etc.

When kidney failure progresses into the 3th stage, it is necessary that patients should begin to have low-protein diets to help relieve uremic state and slow down illness progression. However we know that protein is essential nutrition for meeting the body’s physiological needs, therefore the quality should be high since its amount is limited so as to improve the biological effectiveness of the proteins. High-quality proteins include eggs, dairy products, fresh water fish, lean meats, white meats such as chicken, turkey, etc.

In a word, home-made drumsticks with low-fat, low-salt is good for kidney failure, but it is important to have limited amounts because sometimes people can eat too much of something that is good. Low-protein diets, along with elimination of blood and qi stasis, promoting blood circulation can stabilize the illness conditions for long time and delay dialysis and kidney transplant.

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