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The Five Super Vegetables for Kidney Failure Patients

2016-02-18 11:47

The Five Super Vegetables for Kidney Failure Patients Recently, more and more people are affected kidney disease. Besides seeking for the effective treatment, you also need to pay more attention to your diet in daily life.


Cabbage is rick in vitamin C, E and carotene. The proportion of Vitamins in cabbage is three times of vitamins in tomatoes. The Vegetable substances in cabbage is helpful to eliminate radical in the body. Kidney disease patients need to eat more cabbage, especially for patients who are on dialysis.


Fish is rich resources of Omega fatty acid which is responsible to fight against inflammation responses, so as to protect the kidney. Besides, fish is also resources of high quality of protein.


Juice takes highly effects to eliminate wastes products and toxic substances in the body. There are a large amount of vegetable substances in juice, which is helpful to prevent various complications for patients who are on dialysis, especially blueberry contains a large amount of antioxidant. Additionally, in order to help the body absorb the vitamins and cellulose easily, you had better choose fresh juice.

Egg white

Protecting kidney needs low protein and phosphorus diet in daily life. Egg white contains various high quality protein which contains little amount of phosphorus.


Broccoli contains sufficient vitamins, mineral substances, chlorophyll, moreover, broccoli is rich in benzpyrole and thiocyanate which can help eliminate the toxic substances in the body, thus reducing the workload of the kidney.

The health vegetables for kidney failure patients have been listed, if you still want to know more details about this, please contact our online doctor directly. Simply eating these vegetables can not solve your problem fundamentally, you have to take effective treatment as soon as possible to prevent further kidney damage fundamentally. You can send your latest reports to The renal doctor will analyze it accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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