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Do You Know How Do You Drink Water When you Have Kidney Disease

2016-02-19 16:35

Do You Know How Do You Drink Water When you Have Kidney DiseaseIt is well known that swelling is the most common symptom of kidney disease, it often occurs on eyelid, low legs. In some severe case, the extra fluid occurs in kidneys. Therefore, patients need to pay much attention to water drinking. While, how do patients drink water scientifically. This article will explain the details for you.

Some patients hold the argue that their have normal urine output and there is no obvious swelling on their body, so they have to limit the amount of water drink, so as to prevent swelling in advance. Several patients, especially for patients with severe swelling consider for that drinking water is helpful to eliminate the extra wastes produce in the body, so they drink so much water that there is severe swelling on their whole body. Some even have heart failure. The scientist said that both of them are wrong.

As for the problem that how much water can patients drink, it depends on patients’ own illness condition. If you feel thirsty, you need to drink water to supplement water to the body. If your body can not get the water that the body needs, the kidney would be damaged. If you do not feel thirsty and your drink a lot of water, the diseased kidney can not eliminate the extra fluid timely, which increases workload to kidney function.

The best time to drink water includes :woke up at morning, 10 at morning, 3 in the afternoon, before go to bed. Your are not allowed to drink water before eating meal or after eating meal.

It is 15 minutes before meal when you are allowed to drink water. If you want to drink water after meal, you have to wait longer time. The more difficult the foods are digested, the longer time you need to take. Besides, after consuming fruits for about 30 minutes, you are allowed to drink water and after consuming meat for about 3 hours, you are allowed to drink water.

Drinking water properly plays essential role in keeping patients healthy. As long as you drink water properly, the illness condition can be controlled stably. If you have acute nephritis, nephritic syndrome and acute kidney failure with less or even nor urine output, and chronic kidney failure with less urine output and are suffering from severe swelling,you need to limit the amount of water. If you do not have obvious swelling on body, it is not necessary for you to limit the amount of water. For whose who are on dialysis, their urine output is less than health propel, so they need to limit the amount of water.

If you still have doubt, please contact our online doctor directly, he will try his best to help you.

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