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What Foods Can You Eat with Kidney Failure

2013-04-10 14:14

what foods can you eat with kidney failureDo you know what foods can you eat with kidney failure? Foods are essential for one’s life; however, because of strict dietary principles, it becomes hard for kidney failure patients to find foods that they can eat. Kidney failure is an illness that can cause disturbance of electrolyte, great loss of protein in urine and fluid retention and so on. With different severity of illness condition, patients usually have different clinical manifestation, so they need to adjust their diet according to their illness condition. Although there is no such a food lists that suitable for all the kidney failure patients, but they generally need to follow the below principles in their daily diet.

1. Foods that contain high quality protein

Proteinuria is a dominant symptom of kidney failure and usually the more protein in urine, the more serious the illness condition. Limiting protein intake can help to remit proteinuria; however as protein is an irreplaceable nutrition for our body, kidney failure patients need to ingest some protein everyday. Besides, high quality protein can meet the basic physical demand and meanwhile causes less extra kidney burden, so it is beneficial for kidney failure patients to eat some foods like fish, lean meat, milk and egg white which contain high quality protein.

2. High iron foods

Kidneys can secrete EPO (Erythropoietin) which is a must for the generation of red blood cell. In kidney failure, damaged kidneys can not secrete enough EPO, as a result of which, less red blood cells are produced. When red blood cell count is lower than the normal range, anemia is diagnosed. Eating foods high in iron (check the labels) can help to restore the red blood cells and thus combat feelings of tiredness and dizziness. In addition, avoid dark leaves as they are harmful in other ways.

3. High calcium foods

Kidney failure may cause low calcium level in blood, which can lead to bone problems like bone pain and bone fracture. Therefore, it is very helpful for kidney failure patients to eat some foods high in calcium like broccoli, orange, herring and turnip and so on.

4. Foods high in fiber

Similarly fiber may help to flush the system and clear away things like cholesterol that can build up as a result of kidney failure.

5. Foods high in vitamin

Because of strict diet limitation, kidney failure patients lack of vitamin easily, so it is necessary for them to eat some foods high in vitamin. In addition, if necessary, they can take some vitamin supplement.

We all know it is hard to find a food that high in calcium, fiber, vitamin and meanwhile low in potassium, sodium and phosphorus (kidney failure patients suffer from high sodium, high potassium and high phosphorus in blood easily). Therefore, in daily life, kidney failure can adjust their diet according to their illness condition frequently, so as to protect residual kidney function from being affected.

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