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Is Watermelon Good for Kidney Disease Patients

2013-04-19 11:34

Is Watermelon Good for Kidney Disease PatientsIs watermelon good for kidney disease patients? Watermelon is great fruit especially in hot season, so many people with kidney disease wants to know the answer. Today, you can get the answer from the following content.

For people with kidney disease, high blood pressure is one most common symptom of kidney disease. If left untreated, high blood pressure can cause further kidney damage and worsen patients’ condition. Watermelon contains some substances that can help extend blood vessels and lower high blood pressure.

Generally, watermelon also has a function of diuretic that can make people produce more urine so as to remove more wastes from the body. As a result, this fruit is able to ease patients’ swelling and kidney inflammation to some extent. From the above analysis, we can know kidney disease patients can consume some watermelon, if they don’t have severe healthy problems.

However, not all kidney disease patients can eat watermelon, because it also contains some substances that can ease their symptoms. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease and suffering from the following healthy problems, you had better avoid it.

Less or difficult urination: watermelon contains a lot of water. For people whose kidney is damaged severely, they can’t make enough urine to remove excessive water from the body and then acute heart failure may occur easily as a consequence of water retention and increased blood volume.

Diabetic kidney disease: we know ripe watermelon tastes pretty sweet, because it is high in sugar. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you had better avoid it to prevent the increase of your blood sugar.

High potassium level: watermelon also contains rich potassium. High potassium level is a common symptom of kidney disease patients especially the ones with advanced kidney disease, so watermelon is not suitable for these people.

In a word, your condition determines whether you can eat this fruit. Consuming watermelon correctly can help treat your disease, otherwise, it may cause further kidney damage. Ask the kidney experts online to give you an accurate answer.

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