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Coconut Milk For Kidney Disease And Dialysis

2013-04-20 15:58

Coconut Milk For Kidney Disease And DialysisCoconut is a favorable and nutritious drinks for kidney disease patients and it has been proved to help cure renal disorders as well as those that are on dialysis treatment.

Coconut milk is considered the purest and best drinking water in the world. It has many health benefits and drinking coconut milk on a daily basis can help treat a variety of illness conditions.

The following is a real story of the curative effects of coconut milk for kidney disease patients.

I have stones in my kidneys and there are traces of crystals in my urine. I also have swelling in my face, legs, ankles and sometimes my lower back aches. I went to see the doctor and he prescribed some medicines. I decided to stop these prescribed medicines and begin some natural remedies under the guidance of practitioner of herbal medicines. I began to have coconut milk everyday and alternate it with the boiled water of corn silk, banana leaves and makahihy roots. After about half a year, my illness conditions have great improvements. Swelling has disappeared, lower back pain is gone and my urine has become more normal. What is more important, these are all natural and safe remedies and cause no side effects or injuries to the body even in the long run.

But it may not applied to all the patients and it is recommended that a renal dietitian is consulted before beginning coconut milk. Coconut contains high level of potassium. If one coconut yields 200ml water, it contains about 515mg of potassium which is rather high. Therefore it is not suitable for those that have problem with high serum potassium because it can be life-threatening.

What is more, if you have diabetes or heart problems, coconut should be controlled or avoided. Therefore we can see that whether you can have coconut milk and what is the proper amount should take into account your specific illness and physical conditions.

For more information about natural diets and remedies for kidney disease patients, welcome to consult our online doctors or leave us a message, we will give you an early reply via email.

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