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Can I Eat Egg with Kidney Failure

2013-04-24 11:08

can I eat egg with kidney failureCan I eat egg with kidney failure? Egg is the major source of protein which plays an absolutely crucial role for our body to function well. However, for kidney failure patients, they need to follow strict dietary principles, so as to protect their residual kidney function. Therefore, many kidney failure patients wonder if they can eat egg. In fact, kidney failure patients can eat some egg white, not egg yolk.

Egg white is good for kidney failure patients

Egg white is a good and common source of high quality protein which can meat the basic physical demand and meanwhile produce less urea nitrogen which needs to be discharged by kidney. Generally, for kidney failure patients, 60% of their daily protein intake should be high quality protein.

Besides, although egg white is good for kidney failure patients, they need to limit the intake of egg white, as high protein intake will cause extra burden on kidney and thus worsen kidney condition. The exact protein intake for kidney failure patients different from case to case. Generally, for people with stage 3 kidney failure, 0.6 grams of protein per pound per body weight is proper everyday. For stage 4 kidney failure patients, 0.4 grams of protein will be needed per pound per body weight everyday and 2.0 grams of protein per pound per body weight is ideal for people whose kidney failure has run to end stage. Compared with kidney failure paitents who have not started dialysis, dialysis patients need to ingest more protein everyday.

Stay away from egg yolk with kidney failure

For an egg, most of the nutrition value is found in egg yolk. However, for kidney failure patients, they need to stay away from egg yolk, because of its high cholesterol. Kidney failure are running high risk for hyperlipidemia which needs patients to limit fat intake. Under such a condition, if kidney failure patients eat too much egg yolk, hyperlipidemia will be aggravated.

Aside from cholesterol, egg yolk also contains abundant trace elements like calcium, iron and phosphorus. In comparision, kidney failure has a higher risk for high phosphorus level in blood. In this light, limiting phosphorus and eating less or no egg yolk will be beneficial for kidney failure patients.

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