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Can Patients with Kidney Failure Eat Mango

2013-05-01 17:49

Can Patients with Kidney Failure Eat MangoWith a good reputation, the king of tropical fruit, mango is loved by many people, as well as some patients with kidney failure. However, can patients with kidney failure eat mango? Is it good for these patients?

Because the kidneys can’t work normally in renal failure, patients are usually weaker and have lower immunity than the general population. Mango contains rich carotene and vitamin C, and both of these two nutritions have a great benefit of regulating patients’ immune system and improving their immunity. In addition, vitamin C can also help protect the remaining kidney function and increase the rate of kidney filtering wastes.

If the patients still have enough urine, mango’s diuretic function can also increase patients’ urine amount so that more waste products can be discharged from the body to control patients’ condition. It is reported that the nucleus of mango can be used as medicine to lower high blood pressure and help remove more toxins from the body.

Does the above content mean mango is good for all people with kidney failure? Unfortunately, the answer is not, because mango also contains many other nutritions that are not suitable for some people.

In average, sugar takes about 14%-16% of mango, so people whose renal failure is due to diabetes had better avoid it to control their blood sugar. What’s more, renal failure patients also suffer from potassium disorder. For people on hemodialysis, they usually need to limit the intake of potassium, while ones on peritoneal dialysis can take more high-potassium foods moderately. Mango is higher in potassium, patients should take it according to their own condition.

No matter how you condition are, remember that never eat too much mango, because it is among a few fruits that contain rich protein. For people with renal failure, excessive protein can aggravate your condition. Taking it with the doctor’s guideline is your best choice.

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