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Alcohol Consumption and Renal Failure

2013-05-11 10:51

alcohol consumption and renal failureModerate alcohol consumption is beneficial for us to prevent cardiovascular disease; however, high consumption of alcohol is considered to be blamed for renal failure in some cases. For this reason, many renal failure patients begin to wonder whether they can drink alcohol in daily life.

Renal failure patients need to take multiple medications every day to treat kidney disease and other complications including high blood pressure, anemia and heart problem. Alcohol has the potential to interact adversely with numerous medications. From this point of view, it is of great importance for renal failure patients to consult their doctors before they drinking alcohol, because improper alcohol consumption will affect their illness condition directly.

The followings are the several medicines that may interact with alcohol and the possible side effect caused by the interaction of them. If you are a renal failure patients and is taking one or some of these medications, avoiding alcohol consumption will be necessary.

1. Alcohol may interact with analgesics like aspirin and acetaminophen, leading to gastric bleeding, anticoagulation and liver damage.

2. Chronic alcohol consumption also interacts with anesthetics and cause damages on liver.

3. For renal failure patients who are taking antibiotics like erythromycin, acute alcohol consumption may increase their risk for isoniazid-related liver disease.

4. In some cases of renal failure, patients take anticoagulants to prevent thrombs. Chronic alcohol intake decreases anticoagulation and acute alcohol intake increases anticoagulation by reduces drug’s metabolism.

5. Antihistamines is a common medicine for renal failure patients and for people who are taking this medicine, alcohol consumption may cause dizziness, drowsiness, sedation and decrease their motor skills.

6. For renal failure patients who are taking antipsychotics, acute alcohol consumption may cause impaired coordination and fatal breathing complications.

Alcohol may interact with many medicines, so it will be beneficial for renal failure patients if they can limit alcohol consumption or avoid alcohol beverage.

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