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You Should Know The Several Dietary Mistakes In Renal Failure

2018-08-18 10:17

Several Dietary Mistakes,Renal FailureMany patients will have a lot of misunderstanding on the diet of Renal Failure. These improper diets have resulted in worsening of renal failure or prolonged treatment. So all the renal failure patients should know the dietary mistakes to get more longer and better life.

1. To reduce the burden of kidney, patients do not eat salt and drink less water.

As we all know that water and salt are directly related to edema, many patients pay special attention to salt and water, even do not eat salt, the result is counterproductive. Chronic renal failure patients with hypertension, edema, oliguria need to limit salt and water to avoid excessive water and sodium retention, edema and hypertension. But not all patients should limit water and salt.

2. To think vegetarian diet is good for the disease.

Patients with chronic renal failure should eat animal protein with high essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, to properly control the intake of vegetable protein, vegetable protein such as soybean milk and tofu and other beans and soybean products. But protein intake should be controlled, daily protein intake should be controlled, daily protein intake can be roughly estimated according to their own serum creatinine levels.

3. Hunger therapy can protect the kidney function of chronic renal failure.

Hunger therapy can not protect the kidney function of chronic renal failure, will only make the original condition worse, chronic renal failure patients should not take this treatment. While emphasizing a high-quality low-protein diet, clinicians should also ensure adequate calorie supply in their daily diet, that is, ensure adequate energy supply to the body, reduce the decomposition of endogenous proteins, and thus reduce azotemia.

4. To think bone soup is good for your health.

Bone soup contains more phosphorus, which causes accumulation of phosphorus in the body after eating, which will aggravate hyperphosphatemia. Practice has proved that drinking bone soup can not only improve calcium deficiency, but also accelerate renal function damage due to elevated blood phosphorus. Low phosphorus diet can delay secondary hyperthyroidism and renal ostealgia caused by renal insufficiency, so patients with chronic renal failure should be low phosphorus diet.

For the dietary misunderstanding of renal failure, patients should pay attention to, in daily life should be reasonable and correct diet, and develop good living habits.

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