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The Harms of Drinking Alcohol to Kidney Failure Patients

2012-12-20 15:44

alcoholIt is widely known that too much of alcohol is a great threaten to our health while drinking small amount of alcohol is benefit to our body. However, can kidney failure patients drink alcohol?

The answer is no and here is the reason. The safe and beneficial amount of alcohol is very small which most people can not measure so good and the benefits of drinking small amount of alcohol can be compensated by other methods. Taking into the advantages and disadvantages, the conclusion is that kidney failure patients should not drink alcohol.

Alcohol can disturb nitrogen balance in the body, increase protein metabolism, make blood urea nitrogen level to rise and increase burdens to the kidneys.

What is more, too much alcohol intake can cause damages to various organs and systems.

Long term drinking of alcohol can cause platelet dysfunction, bleeding and anemia.

It can also cause bad gastrointestinal absorption and malnutrition which will cause low utilization of vitamin B1, B2 and folic acid and increased discharge of vitamin B6.

More than 90% of the alcohol we drink metabolize in the liver. Too much alcohol can cause necrosis of liver cells, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Too much alcohol can also cause and worsen high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

The recovery of kidney damages require a favorable internal environment which can not be obtained if patients keep drinking a lot of alcohol.

Many people have the habit to have a cup of tea after drinking much alcohol and think this is a good cure of hangover. Actually this is not scientific and will instead cause much damages to the kidneys and therefore should be avoided by both kidney failure patients and healthy people.

Drinking tea after heavy alcoholic drinks can cause pains in back, legs and bladder. Alcohol can decompose into water and carbon dioxide which is passed outside the body through the kidneys. While the theophylline in the tea can cause acetaldehyde to enter into the kidneys and this will cause enormous injuries to the kidneys. Therefore do not have tea especially strong tea after drinking alcohol. Instead, have some fruits or fruit juice are good choice.

Anyway, it is better that kidney failure patients should avoid drinking alcohol including beer, wine or spirits.

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