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Is Whole-Grain Bread Ok For Kidney Failure

2013-05-21 11:31

Is Whole-Grain Bread Ok For Kidney FailureIs whole-grain bread ok for kidney failure patients? Kidney is a organ which can help to keep trace elements like phosphorus and potassium in normal range. In kidney failure, improper diet will worsen electrolyte disturbance and thus increase kidney burden. In view of this, founding out what can eat is very imperative.

Whole-grain bread contain the bran and the germ of the grain, which have more nutrients than the endosperm. Also, it is high in phosphorus which plays a crucial role to strengthen bone and teeth as it works closely with calcium. High phosphorus level in blood will prevent our body from absorbing enough calcium and in normal cases, our kidneys are responsible for keeping phosphorus level in a stable range. However, for kidney failure patients, because of serious damages, their kidneys become unable in discharging excess phosphorus. They are more likely to develop high phosphorus level compared with others. For this reason, limiting the amount of whole-grain bread is very essential.

Aside from whole-grain bread, there are some other high-phosphorus foods that need to be avoided at least limited by kidney failure patients: pumpkin, sunflower seeds, cheese, nuts, roasted soybeans, flax seeds, bacon, tamarinds, purple passion-fruit, potato, parsley, chives, peppers, leeks, longans, litchis, peaches, apricots, currants and so on.

For kidney failure patients, low-phosphorus diet help to prevent further increase of phosphorus level However, if they want to normalize phosphorus level in blood, improving kidney function will be imperative.

As for the treatment that can help to improve kidney function, Immunotherapy is recommended. Immunotherapy effectively combines western medicine and Chinese medicines which are applied to achieve different treatment purposes. We know they see and treat kidney problem in different ways. Kidney failure patients can receive different treatment effects with them. By combing the advantageous of them, kidney failure can be treated well and in some cases, kidney function can be improved greatly.

Decreased kidney function is the root cause for kidney failure patients to limit phosphorus intake and whole-grain bread, so when kidney function is improved greatly, their dietary limitation will be not as strictly as before.

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