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What Fruits To Avoid With Low Kidney Function

2013-07-11 16:55

What Fruits To Avoid With Low Kidney FunctionWhat fruits to avoided with low kidney function? When kidney function is affected due to chronic kidney failure, a series of fruits and vegetables will be taboo as these foods may bring extra burden on kidney and cause further health problems. Well, what fruits to avoided when kidney function is low?

Diet for kidney disease patients is closely based on their specific illness condition. Failed kidneys can not function properly to excrete excess sodium, potassium and phosphorus, so avoiding fruits high in these mineral elements is very necessary.

High sodium fruits

Fruits do not contain significant amounts of sodium, with the exception of canned olives. Generally speaking, pickled, canned, bottle and gree olive contain 1556 mg of sodium per 100g. For this reason, avoid eating too much olive is very necessary. Besides, for kidney failure patients whose sodium level is extremely or who need to limit sodium intake strictly, some other fruits like figs, dehydrated apple and dried longan are also need to be avoided.

High potassium fruits

The most common high potassium fruits include dried apricots, prunes, dried zante currants, dates, dried figs, dried coconut, avocados, banana, kiwi fruit and nectarines and peaches. Try to avoided these as high potassium level in blood will affect heart and cause irregular heartbeat and other heart problems.

High phosphorus fruits

If lab tests show high levels of phosphorus in blood, high phosphorus fruits like dried apricot, dried, longan, grape, banana, dried jujube, dried fig, dried avocado, dried date and dried kaki will be strictly avoided by the patients. And this can help them prevent bone problems like bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis.

Kidney plays a crucial part for a healthy life, so when kidney function is low, our normal life will be affected. For kidney failure patients, aside from the above fruits, many other foods like high slat foods, and high protein foods need to be avoided or limited seriously. (Consult our on-line doctors about the proper protein intake and salt intake for kidney failure patients)

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