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Can I Drink Alcohol In Dialysis

2013-08-01 12:42

Can I Drink Alcohol In DialysisPeople in dialysis always want to know whether they can drink alcohol. If you are on dialysis, you may be allowed to drink some alcohol. But you can’t drink frequently, just drink once in a while. And all alcohol needs to be counted as part of your fluid allowance. However, if you are on a low potassium diet, vodka, whisky and gin are the only suitable alcoholic drinks. For patients in dialysis, most of their kidneys are failed and can not work very well. So patients have to change their previous bad lifestyle, and learn to control themselves and keep a good dietary habit.

Nearly all of us know that we should not drink alcohol, but there are still many people drinking alcohol. This is because moderate drinking has some benefits to make people comfortable, like reducing stress, anxiety and tension, decreasing in risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, drinking alcohol has many negative effects. If you are on dialysis, drinking much alcohol can:

1. Increase the possibility of developing high blood pressure, the second leading cause of kidney disease.

2. Affect the body’s nitrogen balance and increase protein decomposition. Much more urea nitrogen in the blood increases the burden of kidney.

3. Cause more frequent urination, which can lead to dehydration.

4. Cause other health problems such as anemia, gastrointestinal disorder, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis and so on.

As we know, when normal people get drunk, they are uncomfortable, vomiting, abusing others or even losing their life. For you, if you are on dialysis, you will run higher risk to develop various problems if you drink alcohol as more as healthy people. For your health, you need to control yourselves not drinking alcohol. You can drink pomegranate juice, because it can reduce inflammation and infections in dialysis.

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