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Chronic Kidney Failure Diet, Food And Nutrition,Vegetable

Food and nutrition supplement may differ in every case of Chronic Kidney Failure. Choose right vegetables and fruits and proper diets starting here.

Can the Patients with Kidney Failure Eat Papaya

Can the patients with kidney failure eat papaya? Many people ask this question. Due to the disease, many foods should be avoided, so the patients have to pay at...Read More

How to Eat A Healthy Diet for the Patients with Hyperkalemia in Kidney Failure

For the patients with kidney failure, due to their damaged kidneys, some of them may suffer from kyperkalemia that is dangerous for the patients. But a healthy ...Read More

Recipes for Low Protein Diet in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

For the patients in stage 4 kidney failure, they often are recommended to eat a low protein diet, which can induce the stress of their kidneys. But, how to eat ...Read More

Diabetes with Kidney Failure: Is Apple Good to Lower High Creatinine Level

Long-term diabetes can damage kidney and cause kidney failure. Once the kidney is damaged, its function will decrease, and some metabolic products and toxins wi...Read More

Can Kidney Damage be Reversed from Drinking Soda

As we all know, kidney plays a very important role in maintaining our normal activities. Once kidney is damaged, our body will disorder and appear a series of h...Read More

Is Honey Good for the Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Honey is a good food, not just because of its great taste, but it contains many nutrients. But for the patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), they have str...Read More

What Kind of Foods are Good for Me with Stage 3 Kidney Failure and High Blood Pressure

What kind of foods are good for me with stage 3 kidney failure and high blood pressure? this is a question seen on our message board. We understand the patient ...Read More

Should I Be A Vegetarian with Kidney Failure

What kind of diet should I follow with kidney failure? Should I be a vegetarian? Is that good for me? Many patients are told to eat a healthy diet when they hav...Read More

Low Protein Diet Help Kidney Failure

Why patients with kidney failure are asked to eat a low protein diet? Are all patients with kidney failure required to consume low-protein diet? Go on reading a...Read More

How Much Sodium Should I Eat in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

How much sodium should I eat in stage 4 kidney failure? One patient asked. People with stage 4 kidney failure are often required to eat a limited diet to preven...Read More

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