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Chronic Kidney Failure Fitness, Exercise, Sports

Introduce what are the suitable sports and exercise for Chronic Kidney Failure patients to do to improve health status and stay in fitness.

What Is the Best Exercise for Patients on Dialysis Twice A Week

Could dialysis patients do exercise? Many people are asking this question. Well, exercise plays an important role in our life, everyone needs it to keep healthy and fit. Then what is the best exercise for patients on dialysis twice a week?...Read More

Can I Live A Colorful Life with Kidney Failure

Being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure must be a shocking and distressing experience. This condition is too bad for you to handle. Many people questioned can I live a colorful life with kidney failure?. The answer is YES. Actually, you...Read More

Care Enough for Your Kidney and Health in Kidney Failure

Are there any ways to live healthy in kidney failure? As long as you care enough for your kidneys and health, you can live much better, even if in kidney failure. In kidney failure, the residual kidney function is no more than 15%. Many peo...Read More

What Are The Exercises For Chronic Kidney Failure Patients

What are the exercises for Chronic Kidney Failure patients? When one gets ill, he or she needs to have a good rest and avoid being exhausted. However, for Chronic Kidney Failure patients, they need to have a regularly physical exercises, so...Read More

Yoga For Kidney Failure Patients

Yoga is originated in India and it has more than 5000 years history. It is more than a fashionable fitness, but can be used to treat various chronic diseases including kidney failure. There are many poses in yoga that are suitable for kidne...Read More

What Are The Asanas For Kidney Failure

It is well known that kidney failure patients should have adequate rest, avoid over-tiredness and strenuous activities. Many patients therefore think that they cannot do any work or even exercises. Actually this is not correct. Proper and r...Read More

Benefits Of Exercises For Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney failure is a illness condition in which the kidneys can not function well to maintain normal life activities and usually dialysis or kidney transplant will be needed. Some certain exercises such as yoga, tai chi, walking can help imp...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Do Exercises

Chronic kidney failure is gradual loss of part or all kidney function after years of renal lesions. With reduced kidney functions, most patients are much weaker and have lowered immunity. And since kidney disease is easy to relapse, most pa...Read More

Riding Bike Is Beneficial for Early Stage Kidney Failure

Riding bike, as a common physical exercise, has lots of health benefits. For people with early stage kidney failure, it is also beneficial for them to ride bike often. Now lets see how does riding bike benefit our kidney. Firstly, riding bi...Read More

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