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Riding Bike Is Beneficial for Early Stage Kidney Failure

2012-12-08 09:33

kidney failure ride bikeRiding bike, as a common physical exercise, has lots of health benefits. For people with early stage kidney failure, it is also beneficial for them to ride bike often. Now let's see how does riding bike benefit our kidney.

Firstly, riding bike helps to improve blood circulation, which is helpful for increase blood flowing into kidney.

Riding bike is a kind of slow aerobic exercises. While riding bike, we need to circle our legs to rotate our bike and this in some ways increases our blood circulation. In medical field, kidney function is measured by GFR, the abbreviation of Glomerular Filtration Rate, which describe the blood flow that filtered by our kidney within limited time. While riding bike, much more blood flow into kidney and also much more blood is filtered by our kidney, which in some ways can increase GFR. Also, as much more blood is filtered within limited time, much more wastes are discharged. Therefore, riding bike has kidney benefits for people with early stage kidney failure.

Secondly, riding bike promotes metabolism

Only with normal and healthy metabolism, can our body get enough energy to maintain our life. Riding bike promotes metabolism,which in some ways make us more strong. For people with early stage kidney failure, a strong body is very important, so it will be better if kidney failure patients can ride bike regularly. But before riding bike, patients need to get the permission of their doctor, as some patients' illness condition may be not stable enough to allow to ride bike.

Thirdly, riding bike helps to increase immunity

We can live normally without being affected by surrounding bacterium and virus. Riding bike helps to increase our immunity, which means our risk of being affected by harmful substances is decreased. For people with early stage kidney failure, cold and infection are the leading two factors that trigger relapse of kidney problem. Therefore, if they can ride bike regularly, their risk of developing cold and infection will be lowered greatly.

Aside from our kidney, riding bike also helps us get far away from heart problem. Since riding bike has so many benefits, some kidney failure patients may think they should ride bike regularly to prevent some diseases. As a matter of fact, although riding bike is helpful, not everyone with kidney failure are allowed to ride bike and before they start riding bike, they had better get their doctor's permission so as to prevent some unnecessary problems.

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