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What Is the Best Exercise for Patients on Dialysis Twice A Week

2014-06-12 10:26

Could dialysis patients do exercise? Many people are asking this question. Well, exercise plays an important role in our life, everyone needs it to keep healthy and fit. Then what is the best exercise for patients on dialysis twice a week?

Regular physical activity and exercise can have many beneficial effects for dialysis patients. The provision of an opportunity for patients to exercise at their treatment center has several advantages, but almost any method of increasing activity is likely to be beneficial. In addition to in-center programs such as cycling exercise before or during dialysis, other exercise options include participation in community-based walking programs, water exercise or swimming, yoga, Tai Chi, or low-level strengthening programs. Physical therapy that is individualized to meet patients' needs is also especially appropriate for older persons. The essential condition is that the unit and staff are committed to a treatment culture that makes physical activity a priority.

Though the above exercises are of help for dialysis patients, the root problem they can not solve, that is the kidney damage. With rich experience on kidney disease treatment and clinical research, we have created some unique therapies that have no side effects to patients and do harm. These are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Medical Bath, Foot Bath and so.

Our therapy theory is to clear up the patients’ polluted blood to make safe and clean environment in patients’ kidney and then remove the toxins from their body and then repair the kidney damage. So there is no need to do dialysis at all under this condition. Patients’ kidney functions will be improved naturally. If you want to know more about our therapies and their effects, email to

Do remember that you are not alone on dialysis twice a week, we are here to help all the time. If there is someone who are suffering from kidney failure and on dialysis unluckily, please do not lose hope and continue to seek solutions for yourself or your family members. Be optimistic, there always will be tomorrow if you do not give up.

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