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What Kinds Of Diets And Exercises Should Kidney Disease Patients Do

2018-08-22 11:01

Diets And Exercises,Kidney DiseaseProper exercise for patients with kidney disease is of great benefit to the treatment and recovery of diseases. Some patients, for fear of overwork and lack of exercise or will not exercise, long-term bed rest, mental depression. This is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, nor is it conducive to the effect of treatment. On the contrary, proper sports should be done, such as shadowboxing, walking and so on.

Kidney disease patients are mostly restricted to high protein food intake, nutritional supplements for the diet there are also some problems, such as mental stress and their own economic conditions, poor appetite and other factors, making all aspects of the body weaker, easy to cause colds, gastrointestinal tract infections and so on. If the appropriate exercise, not only can enhance the body's disease resistance, maintain a happy mood, but also to a certain extent increase food intake, for malnutrition, lack of protein caused by muscle atrophy, but also to some extent improve.

For those who undergo long-term dialysis, renal osteodystrophy can be caused by the lack of active vitamin D. Food supplementation with vitamin D, because the enzyme converted to active vitamin D is inhibited, can not be used by the body; supplementation with active vitamin drugs, there are adverse factors associated with hypercalcemia. Can be more outdoor exercise, sunbathing, photochemical synthesis of natural vitamin D, to improve the incidence of renal osteopathy.

Skin pruritus is common in patients with renal failure, especially in the elderly, skin aging, sebaceous gland, sweat gland function decline, dry skin, itching is more common. Prevent skin itching, appropriate bathing, skin irritating food taboo. Do appropriate exercise, exercise to the skin slightly sweating is appropriate, coupled with skin massage, promote blood circulation, to prevent and treat skin itching has a certain positive role.

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