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Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Lead A Sexual Life

2018-10-08 10:47

Sexual Life,Chronic NephritisThe sexual life of husband and wife is normal physiological needs, so for chronic nephritis patients, can they lead a sexual life? Following this article to get the answer.

1. Chronic Nephritis patients need to be restrained in sexual life. In acute nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis acute stage or the condition is still unstable, should not lead a sexual life, in order to avoid aggravating the disease or not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.

2. If the active stage of nephritis and renal failure period is basically not sexual life; in the recovery of chronic nephritis when the condition is stable, can be appropriate according to the condition of sexual life, but avoid excessive. We should control frequency appropriately. If the blood pressure is increased, the time of sexual life should be reduced.

3. All kinds of patients with advanced renal failure should be strictly controlled, at least to reduce the number and shorten the time.

4. It may affect the quality of sexual life during medication, especially taking prednisone and some antihypertensive drugs.

5. Nephritis patients and their spouses also need to pay attention to sexual cleanliness and hygiene, before and after sex should be clean vulva, in order to prevent urinary tract infection after the aggravation of the disease.

For unmarried patients, it is not advisable to marry before nephritis is cured, so as to avoid the recurrence of nephritis and aggravate the damage of disease and kidney function because of the sexual life after marriage or the pregnancy of female patients after marriage. Generally, marriage should be achieved after clinical recovery, clinical recovery means that all symptoms and signs of patients disappear, normal renal function and urine routine examination.

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