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What Does 40% Kidney Function Mean

2013-10-28 16:11

Recently, many people consult us what does 40% kidney function mean. They are afraid about their conditions with only 40% kidney function. Actually, you need not worry about it, the reasons are as follows.

As we all know that everyone has two kidneys and with healthy kidney function we can live a normal life. So What are the functions of kidneys?

1. Produce urine:

In our daily life, wastes produced by our body are discharged by urine usually. According to the specific physical conditions, our kidneys will produce different amount of urine everyday. For example, when we drink plenty of water, there will be large amounts in our body and kidneys will produce much more urine. However, when our body lacks of water, our kidneys will produce less urine to keep enough liquid in our body.

2. Excretion function:

Under normal circumstances, excessive wastes can be discharged immediately in order to make sure that our body has a clean environment to work. However, when kidney function fails to work properly, various wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen will build up in our body easily. This is the reason why chronic kidney disease patients have high creatinine level and high blood urea nitrogen level.

3. Keep balance of acid-base and electrolyte

A healthy kidney can help body secrete excessive electrolytes and adjust acid-base balance. However, when your kidney has been damaged seriously, electrolyte disturbance will appear easily in your body.

4. Secretion function:

Healthy kidney can secrete a variety of hormones like erythropoietin, and the enzyme renin and so on.

Finally, 40% kidney function means your kidney has been damaged seriously and the kidney function has decreased sharply. If you don’t put your illness condition in heart, it will threaten your life greatly. But in this situation, we still can have a high quality life if our diagnosis and treatment are timely and effectively. So if you want to increase your kidney function to the normal level, please leave your message below, our kidney experts will give you the professional suggestions.

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