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Water Pills and Kidney Disease

2014-02-14 17:19

Kidney disease patients may be familiar with water pills(diuretics), well, are these medicines beneficial or harmful? Luckily, experienced nephrologists here will guide you to find the answer.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped significant organs in our body. And they have many functions, such as, remove wastes and preserve useful substances; adjust blood pressure; produce a kind of hormone named Erythropoietin; responsible for the production of urine and so on.

When kidneys are failed, they will not work correctly. And a series of symptoms like high blood pressure, water-sodium retention, etc may come into being.

Benefits of water pills for kidney disease patients

In most cases, water pills are prescribed to help the body discharge excess water and sodium via urine. In this method, blood pressure can be lowered and swelling relieved. However, everything has two sides, it has both benefits and adverse effects.

Adverse effects of water pills for people with kidney disease

Like other drugs, there can be some potential side effects. For example, electrolyte disturbance; loss of appetite; muscle cramps; weakness; dehydration and so on.

Guidelines for taking diuretics

1. Before the medicine is prescribed, tell your doctor whether you have any other health problems. Meanwhile, follow the doctor’s instructions strictly.

2. Monitor blood pressure and kidney function regularly.

Are there some effective treatments for kidney disease?

To achieve better therapeutic effects, effective treatments should be taken early. After years of research and experience accumulations, a number of systematic treatments including circle therapy, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, enema therapy, oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, moxibustion therapy have been created.

Through years of practices, we have obtained a lot of achievements and saved many dying patients. If you happen to be a patient with kidney disease and want to know about our treatments, please email to to get individualized help.

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