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What Can Cause Kidney Size to Shrink

2014-11-06 09:43

What Can Cause Kidney Size to ShrinkMany kidney disease patients are wondering what they should do with the atrophic kidneys. However, if wanting to know what the efficient treatment is, to know what can cause kidney size to shrink is necessary. If you are interested in this topic, then please read on.

What can cause kidney size to shrink?

If one kidney is small and the other one is completely normal, it is usually possible to lead to a normal life without problems. However, if both kidneys are small, there may be kidney failure. What is more, the one small kidney can cause high blood pressure and other problems, even if the other kidney is normal.

An infection in a kidney can cause kidney size to shrink. In general, kidney infections do not cause permanent damage to the kidney, or leave a small scarred area in the kidney. However, a severe kidney infection can damage the kidney and cause kidney size to shrink. Someone with reflux nephropathy has relatively high risk of severe infection.

Renal fibrosis can most commonly cause kidney size to shrink. It is the inevitable consequence of an excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix that occurs in virtually every type of chronic kidney disease. The pathogenesis of renal fibrosis is a progressive process that ultimately leads to end-stage renal failure. So when conditions develop scarring stage, atrophic kidneys are commonly to be seen.

How to do with the atrophic kidneys?

If a small kidney is providing more than 25% of the total level of kidney function, doctors often suggest trying to control any problems caused by the kidney with drugs, before removing the kidney.

Chinese medicine therapies including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath, oral Chinese herbal medicine, enema therapy, etc are used to improve the ischemia and anoxic stage by expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation and removing blood stasis. This is the first step to deal with renal fibrosis. Then some of them block renal fibrosis by removing immune complexes and dead cells out of body. Finally Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help recover renal function by anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, promoting DNA replication and offering nutrient for kidneys. So these Chinese medicine therapies are expected to help effectively avoid dialysis and kidney transplant through improving kidney function.

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