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How Long Can One Survive with One Kidney

2015-03-08 15:52

How Long Can One Survive with One KidneyFor common people, they have two kidneys which are bean-shaped organs locating in the either side of rib cage in human body. They are in charge of filtering wastes and fluids from the blood, regulating the balance of electrolytes as well as secreting hormones. All in all, the two kidneys can support the normal metabolism of human body normally. But for some people, they only have one kidney when they born or patients who have accept kidney transplant also enjoy one normal kidney, dose they can live a healthy and long life like common people? Don’t worry about that, people with one healthy kidney also can live a normal life.

Why one can live with only one kidney?

Even people with one kidney, they are able to live a normal life. A kidney contain a abundant of nephrons and these nephrons take turns to work, in another word, there are only one tenth of nephrons are working and others are on a rest. So the one kidney also can work to support the normal metabolism.

However, same thing happens only under condition that the only kidney is healthy enough, just like I mentioned before. Otherwise, For people with one kidney, their kidney tissues are work more frequently than the common people, so they suffer the high risk of being attacked by kidney disease. And one kidney function declines more rapidly than two. The possibility stands, which draws attention to protect the only left one kidney.

Changing dietary habit, avoiding renal toxic drugs, taking regular medical check-up, consuming adequate water, taking exercise, and receiving treatments and so on can help protect the kidney.

And now if you want to know more information about the life expectancy of people with one kidney or ask for treatment suggestions for kidney disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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