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How Can I Avoid Steroids Treatments

2016-02-20 16:28

How Can I Avoid Steroids TreatmentsGenerally speaking, steroids was found two American scientists 66 years ago. This major accomplishment make great contribution to help patients keep away from various sufferings. However, in the meanwhile more and more people discover that they also experience various adverse effects. Therefore, they are eager to know that how can they avoid steroids treatments.

The deficiencies of steroids treatment have been listed as following:

On doctor’s side

What doctors worry about is that steroids treatments take highly effects in reliving various poisoning symptoms, at the same time, it reduce the defense ability of antibody. This often run high risk to develop various bacteria infection. Therefore, you have to prepare sufficient medications which can deal with bacteria and virus. Why defense ability is affected by steroids, it is because that the combination of toxic substances deposited in the body and immune system damages the kidney tissues and cells and as long as steroids treatment is used, the kidney function won’t be damaged however, the immunity is decreased at the same time.

On patients’ side

Taking steroids treatment often makes you experience full moon shape, striae gravidarum and acne on face. And this affects your appearance severely.

For patients with steroids treatment, they know that it has high recurrence, do you know why this disease has high recurrence along with steroids treatment. The renal doctor in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will explain the details for you. Although steroids treatment can not make toxic substances deposited in the body and immune system combined. As time goes by, the standard dosage of herbal medicine can not control the illness condition. So they have to increase the amount of steroids intake, thus controlling illness condition. As time goes by, they have to eat more and more steroids.

In Chinese medical filed, the main purpose of is to eliminate various toxic substances and wastes products deposited in the body. As long as the toxic substances is eliminated out of body, immune reaction is stopped. And then, steroids treatment can be avoided.

Do you still have doubt about the treatment for avoiding steroids treatment? Please send your present condition to The renal doctor will reply you as soon as possible.

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