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Kidney Transplant

Basic knowledge on kidney transplantation, including procedures of kidney transplant surgery, kidney transplant life expectancy, etc.

Kidney Transplant Failed With Less Urine Can Chinese Herbal Medicines Help Me

Hi, doctor, i took kidney transplant one years before, now, i am facing dialysis again. I am not willing dialysis, can chinese herbal medicines help me? One patient consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR these questions directly in free. ...Read More

Kidney Transplant Or Recover Damaged Kidney, Which One Should I Choose

Kidney Transplant is to put one new kidney in End Stage Renal Disease patient’s body, which help produce urine to play its functions. Almost all patients think that kidney transplant is the only choice. Chinese herbal medicines have good e...Read More

Why Kidney Function Reduces 15 Years after Kidney Transplant

In most persons view, kidney transplant is a permanent cure for kidney failure patients. However, a number of people still go through decreasing kidney function after kidney transplant. Why does this happen? Most importantly, is there anyth...Read More

Is There Any Treatment to Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Kidney Transplant

In most peoples view, kidney transplant is a permanent cure for kidney failure patients. Patients may be live a health life after kidney transplant. But, due to various reasons, more and more patients are eager to avoid kidney transplant. W...Read More

What Else Can Kidney Failure Patients Do to Prolong Life Besides Kidney Transplant

Once patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, their life expectancy would be threatened. Besides, kidney transplant is commonly used for kidney failure patients prolong their life, but as time goes by, more and more patients are aware of...Read More

Herbal Medicines for Treating Kidney Disease Instead of Kidney Transplant

Kidney disease is a kind of progressive disease in which kidney cells and tissues would be damaged or dead eventually. And kidney transplant is the organ of kidney into patients with end stage renal disease. Due to various reasons, patients...Read More

The Second Option for Kidney Transplant Patients

In most cases, patients are suggested with kidney transplant to maintain their life. But, more and more people are aware that kidney transplant is not the permanent cure for kidney failure patients. They are eager to know the second option...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant Beneficial for Diabetes with Creatinine 10.3

My dad is a kidney patient and his laboratory result is here creatinine 10.3, urea 256. He is also diabetes. Now the doctor told to take dialysis treatment. So, does he need continues treatment or transplant. Most of patients may think that...Read More

How Can Patients Lower Creatinine 1.49 in Patients with Kidney Transplant

Why kidney failure still suffer from high creatinine after kidney transplant? How does this happen and is there anything we can do to alleviate reduce high creatinine thoroughly? Now, this article will explain it in details. Kidney transpla...Read More

The Treatment for Creatinine 4.6 with Poor Appetite after Kidney Transplant

Recently, more and more people complain about their problem to us even they had kidney transplant. Why patients still suffer from high creatinine or discomforts after kidney transplant? What can I do to alleviate it ? Now, this article will...Read More

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