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Kidney Transplant

Basic knowledge on kidney transplantation, including procedures of kidney transplant surgery, kidney transplant life expectancy, etc.

Through Osmotherapy can One Avoid Kidney Transplant

Nowadays, kidney transplant is commonly used in kidney failure patients. But, more and more patients are realizing that it is not the best treatment. Recently, a patient is wondering that through osmotherapy can one avoid kidney transplant....Read More

Is Chinese Medicine Good for People Who Had Kidney Transplant

Most of people may think that kidney transplant is a cure for kidney disease patients. This is wrong. There is always a rejection problem. Therefore, patients are wondering that is Chinese medicine good for people who had kidney transplant....Read More

Alternative Treatments to Kidney Transplant in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Although kidney transplant can benefit patients a lot, it does not mean that you can live the rest of your life with kidney transplant. Regarding on this, patients are wondering hat what are alternative treatments to kidney transplant in Sh...Read More

Why Patients Still Experience Creatinine 2.1 after Kidney Transplant

Clinically, kidney transplant is the most effective treatment to help patients live a better life. However, more and more patients still suffer from high creatinine level recently. There are eager to know why patients still experience creat...Read More

Can Diabetic Patients with Creatinine 7.8 Avoid Kidney Transplant

Clinically, diabetic patients often experience much more server complications and symptoms than other patients with kidney diseases. Therefore, they often undergo dialysis and kidney transplant earlier than other kidney disease patients. Wh...Read More

Some Matters about Kidney Transplant You Need to Know

What is kidney transplant? It places new kidney into your body and to replace the diseased one. With kidney transplant, you can have a normal life and you can do what you want. It this right? Kidney transplant is a simple thing, you have to...Read More

Why Creatinine Level is still Higher than Normal Range after Kidney Transplant

Normally, kidney transplant has been considered as the most effective treatment to reduce the creatinine level. While, several patients still experience high creatinine level after kidney transplant. How does this happen? And more importantl...Read More

Some Suggestion For Kidney Failure Patients after Kidney Transplant

Kidney failure patients always face with various problems, even if they under kidney transplant. Therefore, patients are eager to know some suggestion for kidney failure patients after kidney transplant. If you want to know more this, pleas...Read More

Why Creatinine Level is Still High after Kidney Transplant

Usually, kidney transplant is a method of treating kidney disease effectively, but, why creatinine level is still high after kidney transplant? Several patients who underwent kidney transplant are eager to know this question. Kidney transpl...Read More

The Best Hospital for Kidney Transplant in India

For patients with kidney disease, kidney transplant is a way of helping patients treat kidney disease effectively. They are eager to know that the best hospital for kidney transplant in India. Is kidney transplant the best way to treat kidn...Read More

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