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What Life Will be After Kidney Transplant

2013-10-15 14:10

What Life Will be After Kidney TransplantIn the western country, both kidney transplant and dialysis are important and effective treatments for end stage kidney disease patients. Compared with dialysis, kidney transplant can make patients have a longer life so it becomes the best choice. Then let us learn what life will be after kidney transplant together.

1 year after the kidney transplant, the life expectancy of the transplanted kidneys is about 92%, after 5 years it is 80% and after 10 years it is 54% according to the kidney experts. Of course, the specific data still depends on your body situation and the kidney transplanted into your body. When the new kidney failed again after several years or even months due to some reasons, don’t worry, you still can be alive, but you may return kidney failure again and another kidney transplant or dialysis waiting for you. So, a variety of life details you must pay more attention to after you have received kidney transplant, such as:

1. High quality proteins, low fat, easy to digest foods are recommended greatly to the patients who are just received kidney transplant.

2. Take temperature, blood pressure, weight regularly every day.

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

4. Maintain a optimistic mood

5. After renal transplantation, the majority of patients have normal fertility and they can get married and birth as common people. However, usually after six months, patients with comfortable feel can have sexual life, but don’t indulgence and pay attention to the position of the transplanted kidney.

There also have other matters you should pay attention to, if you are interested in this topic, you can email us to or chat with our online doctors in the box popping up in the lower right corner in your screen.

In conclusion, what life will be after kidney transplant, the answer is to help you live longer when you pay more attention to yourselves. Believe In yourself and fight against disease try your best.

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