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Is Kidney Transplant the Last Choice for Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-03-04 23:12

Many people with stage 5 kidney failure are told that kidney transplant is the only thing that can help them survive. Is that true? Is kidney transplant the last choice for kidney failure? This passage will reveal the myth for you. Please go on reading.

Stage 5 kidney failure is the advanced stage of kidney disease. Dialysis, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis is used to control the symptoms at first. Indeed, dialysis can help prolong the lifespan of kidney failure patients. But with long-term dialysis, patients will become more and more weak. Therefore, doctors will suggest patients to do kidney transplant.

Many factors should be taken into consideration if you want to take kidney transplant, such as the economic condition. Patients are supposed to have a strong economic foundation because kidney transplant is very expensive. On the other hand, it is difficult to wait for a proper donor. If the type is not matched, kidney transplant cannot be done. Someone are not allowed to do kidney transplant, such as the aged patients and the cancer patients. What’s more, the rejection reaction is a big problem after transplantation. Anti-rejection drugs will follow you a lifetime.

From the above we can see that kidney transplant is not the ideal treatment for stage 5 kidney failure. But don’t worry, it is not the last choice. There are alternatives.

Have you heard of Chinese medicine? Many foreign patients treat it as the magical medicine. It has saved many patients life. Here I will introduce you one of the magical medicines---Hot Compress Therapy. It is the advanced form of the traditional Chinese medicine. The herbs that can eliminate the toxins and recover the original qi will be applied on bilateral Shenshu acupoints. With an osmosis device, the herbs will be permeated into kidney lesions and take effect. After taking this therapy a period of time, great improvements will be seen. The most obvious change is the urine output. It will be increased a lot. Other symptoms can be relieved a lot. The most important is that kidney function will be improved remarkably.

Kidney transplant is not the last choice for stage 5 kidney failure. If you take Chinese medicine early, the disease will not develop into stage 5 kidney failure. If you have any interests, you can send me an email to, I will provide you more information. Best wishes!

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