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Is Kidney Transplant the Best Treatment When Kidneys Shut Down

2014-07-15 10:52

Is kidney transplant the best treatment when kidneys shut down? Almost all the patients want to receive the best treatment to reverse their illness condition. As the living standard improves and the medical technology develops, more and more patients with Acute Kidney Failure or Chronic Kidney Failure can choose kidney transplant. So, can kidney transplant help them live better and live longer?

What is kidney transplant?

Kidney Transplant is a replacement therapy when kidneys shut down and also regarded as the final choice for the disease. It means that replace a healthy kidney into the patients’ lower abdomen to take place of the failed kidneys to work. The healthy kidneys come from living donors and cadaver donors. Before surgery, the patients need to do a series of tests to make sure whether the healthy kidney is suitable for them or not.

Is kidney transplant the best treatment when kidneys shut down?

Though a successful kidney transplant can produce urine and filter out the wastes and toxins from body, it is not the best treatment when kidneys shut down. There are many reasons: First, after kidney transplant, the patients have to take immunosuppressant drugs for lifetime to suppress your immune system. Next, the cost of kidney transplant is very expensive, which is unbearable for many families. Then, many patients after kidney transplant can suffer from acute or chronic rejection, while, there is no treatment for chronic rejection, so the patients have to choose other treatments or have another transplant to maintain life.

Except kidney transplant and Dialysis, is there any treatment that is effective when kidneys shut down? In China, there are several innovative natural therapies for kidney failure, and they are proved to be effective and safe through clinical applications, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Treatment.

From the above, you should have known that kidney transplant is not the best treatment when kidneys shut down. If your kidneys shut down, you can try some natural treatments to protect your kidneys and improve renal function. If you are interested our natural treatments, you are recommended to send an email to Best wishes!

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